By The Numbers

Pattern 1:

F    57    5'1"    168lbs
9:45am    .3    6.2    20C    4M    7
                        6.6                        5

Minerals: 2 Cal2, 2 Alg., 1 MC, 1CG
Vitamins: 1 E(4)

This is a very good set of numbers. This lady has
been with me for about 5 years. She ate a pastry
with her breakfast. She is dumping a huge amount
of dead and worn out cells. Continue to do what
she is doing and follow the "Rules of the Sugar".

This is a perfect example of why a lot of people say they don't like sweets.

Pattern 2:

M   46    5'11"      298lbs

Friday    1:45pm    1.3    6.2  13C     4M     7
                                         6.0                         8
1) Drinking too much water at a time-
2) There was an energy loss six days ago, Saturday. The loss was too great to be just nuts but it looks like he ate nuts and chocolate.
3) He is tired and that is why he came to see me.

Discussion: He drank a big glass of water with his evening meal the night before this test. His daughter had a birthday party last Saturday and he ate some nuts and chocolate. He is really dragging and just can't seem to move and that is why he came to see me.
His diet isn't too limited he just drank too much water at a time and not systematic!
Rule: "Every rule must be memorized and known as the multiplication table is known" (Page 87, CLOD, last sentence of the second full paragraph).
This person needs to follow the "Rules of the Sugar". He is tired because his blood is not carrying the oxygen properly!


Pattern 3:

        F             38                       5"5"                        120#

11:00am          1.3                   7.2                    11c                          4M                         7+
                                                6.6                                                                                 5

Pictures:   1) Need a piece of fruit-follow the rules of the sugar
                 2) Diet is good the last few days but he ate some food about 5 days ago tainted with pork
                 3) Transverse colon is stuffed like a sausage link
                 4) Needs colonics or series of enemas- follow the rules for colonics or enemas
Discussion: He did eat something that was contaminated the day that I said!

Pattern 4:

F 32 5'5” 230#

11:00 am 3.2 5.8 9C 4M 10
                      6.0            9

        Minerals: 2alg., 2mc, 2CG

        Vitamins: 1E 1000, 2 B12, 2 B6

        Points to keep in mind:

      1. Breast feeding mother with a 6 month old baby

Picture :

  1. Diet is poor

  2. Ate pork or food contaminated with pork, very strong

  3. Co-ordination off by 25%

  4. Heart beating hard and not resting well

  5. Hypoglycemia and very tired

  6. Heart rhythm is off

  7. Growing old too fast

  8. Female organs are swollen

  9. Hard to live with

Notes for baby:

  1. Needs pacifier all the time, his mineral supply is low

  2. Stomach hurts and he cries a lot, hard for the parents to get much rest.

  3. Sucks on his hands when he does not have a pacifier

  4. Bones are not developing as they should


Ate ground chicken from the store and it was contaminated with pork. Everything else is correct as I stated above.

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